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About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

It has been said that "If waking is white, and sleep is black, then hypnosis is gray." Hypnosis is an ordinary, natural state of consciousness, that we move in and out of, every day. Think of making your way home and not noticing the last few blocks? How about losing track of time and place while caught up in a great novel? And what about, on a day off, that feeling when you wake at the normal work time, and realizing that you don't have to be anywhere, you fall back in the bedclothes and just feel a wonderful, dreamy feeling....not completely awake, but not asleep either. That state, is hypnosis.

The subconscious mind has been called 'the other 90% of the mind.' It is the seat of our emotions, of imagination and dreaming; it's where the involuntary functions of the body are regulated, such as circulation, digestion, and cell regeneration. It is also the memory bank or super-computer that stores and catalogues all of our experiences, life long. In addition to this, the subconscious is the dynamo that directs our energy, and maintains all habitual behaviors.

In the state of hypnosis, we have the best ability to access our very powerful subconscious mind. We can invite the mind to update old mental programs, and as a result we can more easily make positive changes in how we experience and live our lives.

Hypnotherapy is known as 'brief therapy', as it most often takes a brief number of sessions to reach desired results. The number of sessions needed to resolve an issue varies, according to the individual and the type of concern. One may only require four or five sessions' work for an issue to shift. The therapeutic use of hypnosis is a process -- a systematic approach to changing or updating out-of-date or unhelpful thoughts, belief systems or habitual behaviors in the subconscious mind. There is no magic wand, or switch I can switch to 'fix' you. It would be difficult for me to accept that you are broken, in any case. I believe in economy, and with my experience as a professional hypnotherapist, I am committed to seeing that we begin with the least number of sessions necessary to affect the change you want.

Please note:
Hypnotherapists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat illness.