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What You Can Expect

Private Sessions
You arrive at my office and we have a seat in my comfortable session room. We do some necessary paperwork, and then take time to get to know each other a little, and talk about the issue at hand. When we are both ready, we begin the process of hypnosis -- you make yourself as comfortable as you'd like to be, and I help you to relax into the pleasant state of hypnosis. I'm trained in using my voice to help you to enter hypnosis. Once you have reached the depth of hypnosis that you feel comfortable with, we begin the work. I give you purposeful suggestions to help you accomplish what you want to do, and your powerful subconscious mind takes in the suggestions that will be useful to you. When the session is coming to a close, I prompt your subconscious to accept those suggestions that will be useful to you, and use them for your best interest, and let go of those not useful to you. When you are ready, I proceed to bring you gently and brightly out of hypnosis.

Afterward, you may feel quite rested and refreshed, as if you've had a much needed nap. Many people report that, the night following a session, they sleep better than they have in years.

Telephone Sessions:
First, we take some time to speak about your issue on the phone, prior to booking our actual hypnosis session. Then, I prepare a session specifically for you and your issue. At a pre-arranged time, I telephone you, and after we visit a little and discuss things, we begin the hypnosis portion of the session. It's better if you use ear buds or a head set for this type of session to help you completely relax, without having to hold a telephone in your hand. You make yourself comfortable -- either seated or reclining on a sofa, or bed with a pillow. You may want to get cosy with a blanket or throw, as the body temperature changes a little while in hypnosis, like it does when we nap or sleep. Since hypnosis takes place within the mind, distance sessions are very natural and some people actually prefer to be in their own homes to experience hypnosis.

And always remember, whether the session takes place in person or on the telephone, you are able to be aware of what is being said and how the session is progressing. Hypnosis is not a loss of awareness, it's more an experience of focused awareness.


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