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"In my practice, hypnotherapy is a collaborative effort. I am always inspired by the dedication and capability of my clients, who work with grace and courage, to accomplish the change they want for their lives." -Patricia

"Hi Patricia!
Hope you are doing great. Had to check in to let you know things have gone exactly as you stated; that over time the work we did together would seat itself more and more. Performances are so much fun now. Priceless to me.
Thank you again!!"

~ C.Z., Alameda, CA

"Hi Patricia,
I want you to know that I'm thrilled with the life changing results of our Hypnotherapy Sessions. I'm so thankful to have found you and the work you do. It has changed my life! I have gone from being so miserable with pain and lack of sleep, just existing instead living, in bed 23/24 hours/day and not having any real hope for my future physically; to being able to physically affect positive change within my body resulting in reduced pain and significantly enhanced sleep, to "living life" as much as possible and being out of bed 8-10 hours a day, to making future plans for vacations and activities! I now have much more hope for an improved future and I have the knowledge and ability to better control processes within my body, all thanks to working with you. I have become a Hypnotherapy promoter. So many people check in with me and ask how I'm doing. Now I let them know about the tremendous changes and progress I've made with my health. I mentioned my improvement through Hypnotherapy to my monthly nationwide MSA Zoom meeting and they published a message about it to the US and Canada community. Also a friend and her husband would like to get together to discuss what has gone on with our sessions. They are so happy for the positive changes in my health and I'll certainly be recommending you to her. She has bad migraines and I know you've mentioned you work with people who have this condition.
Anyways...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

~ Bret R., Alameda, CA

" Hi Patricia,
I am so excited to tell you that for the first time in over 30 years I went to see an internist and had such a positive experience! My doctor is such a warm person who is calm and reassuring. Based on the numbers you got from taking my blood pressure she determined that I do have high blood pressure and prescribed a very small dosage of a medication. She reminded me so much of you telling me, without being condescending at all, that this is no big deal and is very treatable with a pill. Towards the end of the appointment she said I could either have her take my blood pressure or not, it was up to me. I actually chose to have her take it. It was still high of course but it was another breakthrough for me. She is the perfect doctor for me! She does look like she might be close to retirement age. I asked her to promise me that if and when she leaves she will assign me to someone just like her. She made that promise.
I'm still not out of the woods when it comes to the cataract surgery. In order for me to have the surgery I will have to have normal blood pressure readings there as well as at home. I'm confident that will be the case. She said I could either have her or a nurse do it. For now I will have her do it.
I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from me! You never gave up on me even when I felt like giving up on myself. I cannot thank you enough!!
With deep affection, "

~ S.L. - Berkeley, CA

""Hi Patricia!
I just wanted to let you know that I not only successfully flown to Santa Fe (only a 2 hour flight) but also more recently to Paris France (a 10 hour flight! ), all without having to take anti-anxiety medications. I wanted to thank you for teaching me that I can control my thoughts and allow myself to be without fear. I was able to enjoy the flight movies, read and listen to music all the while being excited about the voyage I was going to enjoy! I honestly did have some anxiety a few days prior to the Paris flight, but using your techniques I was able to calm myself and by the time the day came, I slept well the night before and was looking forward to my trip. I also use some techniques you taught me in other aspects of my life. Sometimes I'll torture myself, with say a conversation that did not go so well, and I'll repeat it in my mind obsessing about it. I now know that I can stop the thoughts and I don't have to concern myself with something I cannot change and really has little effect on my present self. I will think about a situation, and as soon as I learn whatever lessons I can glean from it, I tell myself to move on and stop! I'm constantly working on myself and I would like to share that you have made this endeavor easier for me. Thank you so much for the good work you do. I hope all is well, and I'll definitely come back if I have a need.
Again, thank you!"

~ Charla Vilain, Alameda, CA

"Hi Patricia,
Thank you so very much for the sessions we've had. I've gotten a lot out of them and my sleep has basically returned to normal. I'm feeling great! Thank you again. You've been amazing and wonderful to work with. I love your clarity, skill, dedication and kindness.
All the best,"

~ Ruth Davis - Oakland, CA

" I PASSED!!! ...and honestly, I felt so very different the minute I walked out of your office! I practiced self hypnosis, used ALL of the cards with affirmations that you printed, and particularly kept SEEING my success, and my notifying ALL my friends and family about this HUGE milestone!
I'm convinced that together with the best studying I could do while working full time, all of this combined made the difference.
I am eternally grateful to you!! I mentioned you in two of the exam study groups I'm on, on Facebook by name (no other identifying info!)
Thank you, thank YOU! I'll be back for smoking and healthy eating soon!
You are THE best!"

~ K.D. - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia,
"Report" on my surgery after two sessions with you Well, it's over and it was a success! The femoral artery occlusion was much more extensive than the surgeon originally thought it was and it took three surgeons four and a half hours to deal with it, peeling away over five inches of inner artery layer plus two stents up higher new the aorta. But I had prepared well, with your help, and was calm and had no anxiety when I arrived at Kaiser early Monday morning. The nurse anesthetist was calming and assuring and eased my mind a great deal. On the way to the hospital I had put myself in a very quiet calm space that you taught me, and when I was wheeled into the OR, I actually (as you said I might be) was quite curious and asked if this was really the Operating Room! It was small, crowded, and full of people!! and interesting to see.
The next thing I knew, I was in a bed in the ICU, not remembering a thing about waking up in the recovery room.
The surgeons were amazed at how resilient I seemed to be, probably because I was in pretty good physical shape beforehand, and I began recuperating immediately. No pain at all and I was put on a Tylenol drip..no narcotics. and remained so for the two days I was there. They were so surprised at the speed I was recovering, that I was discharged on Wednesday, days earlier than expected. My only post-surgery med is Motrin three times a day!
At home now, I am up and walking around, getting tired and lying down again to nap, then up and walking again! I have had that feeling of "presence" that we talked about, but no real pain!
It worked! I am appreciative of the sessions that I had with you and have told several people about you. You may get a phone call or two!
Thank you very much for working me into your schedule!
My best,"

~ H. M. - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia --
I wanted to check in with you since it has been a few months since I came to see you to help me with my eating habits. To sum things up I am doing great and I attribute a lot of that to you -- as much about our "talks" as well as the hypnotherapy. So I'm down to 176 pounds... probably a loss of 24 pounds. Eating healthy -- healthy snacking and rarely any sugary treats. But not starving myself by any means... mindful eating.. eating to live, not living to eat. I can fit into my size large sweaters and dumped all the XL's. Went from a 38 to a 34 waist. I've continued with my yoga practice and stepped it up to 4 to 5 times a week. Got a new tattoo (OM in a lotus flower) and starting beading once again.
One very odd thing that I've notice, involving a key habit that I wanted to interrupt which was grabbing something to eat solely for the taste -- not hunger driven, not nutritionally drivien -- just eating it without thinking, without purpose. And if I mindlessly snack, I find myself strongly compelled to spit it out if it ends up in my mouth. I feel I will gag if I try to swallow it.
Forever grateful for helping me see "There's so much more to life" -- an affirmation that is now taped to my computer screen. The instructor read a poem at the end of yoga the other night talking about an "awakening to life". It has certainly happened to me.
Thank you, thank you."

~ S. T. - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia!
I'm three days out from surgery. It was SUCH a success. I was SO much calmer than expected. And the surgery went easily. They were able to do it with a much smaller incision than planned. And I got out of the hospital yesterday. I had so much energy, it blew my mind and surprised my family and friends. Today is tougher, just because of achiness, yet all is well.
Thank you!"

~ S. - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia!
Wanted to give you an update on my final presentation today to all of my company's top leadership - while I began a bit nervous, it was nothing like before our work together, and I hit my stride quickly and finished very well. I was able to achieve the goals I set with you of staying calm, present, and focused, and get my message strongly across, without panicking and losing my thoughts like before due to my fear of public speaking. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me with this lifelong problem, and for all the helpful tools and tips - I definitely will take those with me moving forward!
(Feel free to use this testimonial on your site, as I found those there helped me choose you :)
I referred my friend who has a dog phobia due to childhood bites - I'm hoping she reaches out to you in the near future.
I'm so grateful to have found you, and found a way past a debilitating fear - so appreciate your help!
Cheers and all the very best,"

~ Judy Yang, Fairfield, CA

" Hi Patricia,
I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did with me... that I'm sure will continue to gain momentum over the coming weeks and months. I'm glad I saw you.
Many thanks!

~Kay Fahlstrom, Certified Hypnotherapist - San Rafael, CA

"Hi Patricia-
Thank you so much for your help. I did my presentation this morning and it well really well. I was really calm up until the last moment (major accomplishment) and then a little bit of nerves crept in, but NOTHING like I experienced in the past. I am really glad that I had a chance to work with you. My husband is amazed/intrigued by the results of our work together and he may be contacting you to work on an issue of his own.
Take care, "

~B. - Oakland, CA

I walked into my interview feeling great. I was still a little nervous, to be expected when being interviewed by a panel of 5 people. Thanks to your help, I did not get the same anxiety and uncomfortable feeling in my neck and body. I was able to manage my anxiety and stress. At the end of the interview, they offered me the job.
Thank you!"

~ N. L. - Oakland, CA

"Dear Patricia,
Today was the big day! I am happy to say that I have accomplished my goals. That is to say that I did not blush, cry (not even close!), or freeze up. My words flowed nicely. I spoke of what I knew, and was able to state when I did not know something without feeling anxious and uncomfortable. Whether or not I passed all three sections of the exam today, I am feeling so happy that the process went as well as it did! Thank you for teaching me to use the tools in my possession. You are wonderful!
Have a fantastic weekend!"

~S.S. - Alameda, CA

"Hi Patricia,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our time together. It really helped me. Last month I had NO migraine!!!
Thanks for all you do!
~ C.M. - Oakland, CA

"Dear Patricia,
Thank you for inspiring me to be the best that I can be by letting go of thoughts and habits that no longer serve me and adopting ones that make me a better person. I'm so grateful to have met you!

~ Alma Kadic - San Ramon, CA

"Hi Patricia!
I wanted to check in and keep you posted on how long and beautiful my nails are getting! It's been 5 and a half weeks and counting. I've started buying expensive nail polish and getting manicures regularly. I can tell that this time is different. I just feel free and empowered with this, and like I have really let it go. Thank you for helping me discover my abilities and overcome the roadblocks in my mind. Hope you and your family are well and Happy Holidays!!
~ Gail Moore - Oakland, CA

Patricia is a wonderful and talented counselor. She helped me deal with some long-held beliefs that were thwarting growth and change for the better. I'd been doing a lot of internal reflection and working on changing things that were not working in my life. But I seemed to keep hitting a brick wall and repeating past patterns in work and in personal relationships. Then I tried hypnosis sessions with Patricia. It was hard work, emotionally draining and uncomfortable. But I was determined to banish patterns that were no longer working for how I wanted my life to go. With Patricia's techniques, empathy and soothing voice, I was able to confront those long-held beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward. Within four sessions, things started to change dramatically: a new job, a new apartment, and most of all, my own sense of self-confidence began to re-emerge. It's been several months now and I can add a promotion and a new relationship to that list of changes. I'm not finished with my inner work -- and I'll continue to see Patricia to help with that -- but I have come so far in a much shorter period of time. I have referred her to several of my friends.
~ A.B. - Alameda, CA

"Hi Patricia,
I wanted to let you know that I have been using my tools of self hypnosis and feel so empowered to keep all my nightmares at bay. I have continued to be nightmare free for almost 2 months now and it feels so good. I feel I am living a much more relaxed and confident life. There have been moments when my subconscious has tried to move towards uncomfortable thoughts but I have recognized it, thanked it and promptly dismissed it, good-bye. This utterly simple practice has been working so well. I can't thank you enough for helping to clear my subconscious of so many negative thoughts and allow me to live a comfortable and fearless life. I have spoken so highly of my experience with you to friends and family, you are truly talented and I appreciate so much what you have given me.
All the best,"
~ J. Lapitsky, San Rafael, CA

"Hi there Patricia,
Wanted to send a quick hello to you this morning and give you a little update on the awesomeness that you and I have accomplished. The little red thread around my wrist has hung for its dear life, now nearly a month later. It's a little tattered but still bright red. I feel absolutely strong and healthy (despite coming off another bout of flu from yet another bigger, faster, stronger superbug last week). I'm finding it more easy to let go of smoking than I ever could have imagined. Other than the first weekend I quit, I've had no cravings and have remained steadfast and actually developed a pretty serious disgust of the act. It feels really really good and though my lungs probably aren't that perfect pink color I was going for :) I do believe they're on the road.

This weekend I signed up for a 20k run around Lake Chabot at the end of February. Very excited for the new energy, the deeper clearer breath, and a better way of living. Cheesy to say, but hey... I'm cheesy. Hope you're well and all the best on this Monday."
~ J. Reebs, Berkeley, CA

"I searched for a while to find a hypnotherapist and came across Watervox.net and was extremely impressed with the testimonials on the site. They all seemed so real and heartfelt and I was convinced to take the leap and give Patricia a call. I'd never seen a hypnotherapist before so I didn't have any idea of what to expect. Patricia was so friendly and open on the phone that I was very excited for my appointment. During my first session, Patricia spent over an hour just getting to know me. She was genuinely interested in understanding me and finding ways to help me through hypnotherapy.

I have an extremely stressful job - people are always asking me "How do you do that job? I couldn't handle it." I usually just smile and say that I love it...which is true, but it does wear me out. I looked into hypnotherapy to find a way to better balance my work and personal life. After talking with me for such a long time, Patricia asked me if I was ready for the session. She handed me several pillows and a blanket and encouraged me to get comfortable. I cuddled up on the couch and listened to her melodic voice as she guided me into a calmer place in my mind. I was surprised at how relaxed I became. I even began to hear myself snoring while I was still listening to her voice - what a strange experience! After the session, I awoke feeling so completely rested, more than I had in years!!!!

I have now had 12 sessions with Patricia. She is so kind, warm and understanding. She prepares thoroughly for each of our sessions, providing articles for me to read and writing an individualized session for me that meets my specific needs. She never is concerned about time and is much more concerned that I get everything I need out of the session - which is so refreshing after seeing a therapist who would end the session in exactly an hour even if I was in the middle of a breakthrough. I really found Patricia's "relaxing" sessions to be so invigorating....even more than an hour long massage. She also did some regression work with me and I was amazed at how much weight it lifted from my being. I highly recommend Patricia and suggest that you try meeting with her! "
~ M.W. - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia,
I got back from doctor visits about 5P. I'm doing fine and will heal 2-4 more weeks, then start chemo; then probably radiation. I have lots of pressure feelings in my breast now due to some fluid retention; but I wanted to let you know about my post-surgical experience. Thinking of my treatment and surgery as a medical adventure helped alot. Thinking my essential parts are still here even after surgery. It's my choice to heal. I am creating wellness. I am caring for myself, and my sons' mother, and husband's wife. I am the only me, and I'm caring for myself by having the surgeons remove the cancer from my body. Then I will heal. I can care for myself by practicing stillness and relaxation just 20 minutes, and I have a well of peace that heals me. Meditation or self-hypno helps me absorb all that is happening to me with my medical adventure. I remember I am caring for myself in the moment and I have support of friends. I take in affirmations and feel and sleep better. I think of me going into surgery quiet, peaceful, ready for the well-trained staff to do their work easily because I choose to heal and I'm peaceful.

Peace, "
~ Dori - Cleveland, OH

"Dear Patricia,
I'm finally making time to write because the baby and I went to a mom's group at a park yesterday and the conversation turned to birth stories, several of which were far from what the moms had envisioned for themselves. I was so, so happy to be able to tell my birth story, as a positive, peaceful, and empowering experience free from pain medication, which I believe is due in HUGE part to the work I did with you!

The 31 hours of labor were exhausting, but not painful, and I was able to use the hypnobirthing deep relaxation and breathing techniques to rest and recharge and even step outside my body for moments when I felt overwhelmed. Even though the nurse midwife eventually asked me to take Pitocin to speed up my contractions, I was able to manage the increased intensity of sensation with self-hypnosis, rather than getting pain medication, which might have affected my baby or led to more and more medical interventions. Also, the books and articles you provided were fantastic and I continue to recommend them to friends. I love that you are now a part of my baby's birth story too!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Rachel W. - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia!
Just wanted to reach out to you to thank you AGAIN! I am coming up on being a non-smoker for 5 years!! I can barely begin to thank you for what you helped me achieve :) I just ran my first 5K since quitting and it felt absolutely amazing. My yoga practice has greatly approved and I'm getting ready to complete my 200 hours to be a registered yoga teacher - yay!
Be well, my friend :)
~ Karen Clendenin - Baltimore, MD

"Hi Patricia,
I'm leaving the airport where I hangar my plane right now, and just wanted to tell you that I had such a great flight, such a great morning of touch and go's. I tapped my way all the way here this morning, and I said light and easy, light and easy, and then right at the end of the runway, when I was waiting to get in my plane, I was tapping and I felt good. I felt good, I felt sometimes a little anxious, like last night a little bit, but really, I knew it was going to be fine. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, and I know that your work was pivotal for me, and that I really got over a huge anxiety hump that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I think I would have just dug myself deeper, and so I'd love to give a testimonial - please take anything I say right off of this voicemail. I just really appreciate your work, and feel like I couldn't have done it without you."
~ C. P. -
San Francisco, CA

"I am the parent of an energetic preschooler, and I run a struggling nonprofit organization, so I have a lot going on in my life. I first saw Patricia while suffering from a stress-induced neck spasm that left me immobilized. She immediately helped reduce my pain and gave me empowering tools to help me focus on enjoying and appreciating my life. Within a few days I was not only back to my normal routine, but with her encouragement I also began taking just 5 minutes out of my very busy day to stop at Lake Merritt and stretch a bit. Though I only saw her three times, each time Patricia came prepared with printouts of new concepts and practices specific to my concerns that I could easily incorporate into my everyday life. Since seeing Patricia I have been experiencing more joy and teaching myself how to relax, bit by bit. Though my life is just as busy, I now have more energy for my son and for myself. I am learning to take better care of myself, and get support when I need it. Patricia is thoughtful, loving, sincere and skillful. I am grateful to have found her."
~ Yael F. - Oakland, CA

"Patricia is an extremely warm, compassionate, creative and intelligent practitioner who helped me considerably with my anxiety issues. After a couple of successfully hypnotherapy sessions, Patricia taught me how to hypnotize myself, which is an invaluable skill for people like me, who are attempting to control anxiety and lead a more relaxed and happy life. She is truly a healer, has a delightful personality and I recommend her without hesitation to others who are considering hypnotherapy as a primary or adjunct treatment modality. Thanks again Patricia!"
~ Rachael G. - Oakland, CA

"Patricia has been a wonderful inspiration to me and has guided me into feeling so much more positive and energized about my life and the passions I want to pursue. I have absolutely loved working with Patricia through this very personal and empowering experience!"
~ Lynda G. - Spokane, WA

Thanks you so much for helping me go through the process of becoming a NON SMOKER. I knew that I wanted to quit before the end of the year but was not really sure how I was going to do it. A couple of my friends had been successful quitting with the help of Hypnotherapy with Patricia. I was a little hesitant at first but decided I needed help doing this. Patricia was so great; she always took her time with me and made me feel at ease! I was a smoker for the better part of 20 years and never thought it would be this easy to become a non smoker. Patricia became my smoking therapist Ė she was the safe place I could tell my most embarrassing smoking secrets too and I knew that I would not be judged. It helped me so much to be able to talk openly and honestly about my dirty habit of smoking. I am happy to say I have been a NON SMOKER for almost 3 weeks now and I donít miss it a bit- AMAZING!! Thank so much for helping me, Iíll make sure to keep in touch"

- XO Melissa H. - Hillsborough, CA

"Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your help in contending with my drinking problem. I realize that it's only been a couple of months since our last session and not much longer than that since I quit drinking, and that true success at leaving it behind can only be measured on a day-by-years basis. However, I haven't felt the urge to drink AT ALL, nor do I feel like I must have an on-going "battle with the demon", which is what it used to be like. I am truly amazed by how easy it is now to walk past the beer in the grocery store without feeling the pull. It is also a great relief to not have to assess my "resist-ability" prior to going to a club to see a band I like, or going out with friends or co-workers, and declining with some lame excuse because I don't feel strong enough to resist (or worse, going anyway and drinking and then dealing with the consequences of that). It is uncanny how unfettered I feel. And it seems so easy! I had been resigned to carrying this burden of alcoholism until the end, but now I feel as though all I had to do was drop it and walk away. "Oh, is THAT all I had to do? Gee, I wish I had known it sooner!"
Thanks again for your good help. I hope all is going well with you, too.
Rock on!"

~ Dennis Dyke - Pleasanton, CA

"Post session report. So I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had yesterday. First I arrived there and they started me getting my second unit of blood (I had one on Wednesday) and not even half way into it the Doctor came in and said she was going to start the biopsy in about 15 minutes. That sorta freaked me out that there was no warning but then I realized that it was a good thing because it gave me no time to get "worked up" about it. She did give me a bit of extra pain meds and I am glad for it but she didn't go all out and really sauce me up which I am also glad for. As she began I had my iPod cranked on some really hard and nasty metal from a local band from back home. Oddly enough the song that I had picked and had accidentally set the repeat on was called Ending Pain. She kept trying to talk to me and I was trying to just relax and groove to the tunes. Eventually she just told Sarah to keep track of how I was doing and let her know so I was able to relax and I only felt a couple of twinges of real pain but by and large it was really painless. I kept focusing on not feeling pain and trying to just relax. They had us (Sarah and I) in a segregated room instead of the chairs and I was able to relax afterwards while the rest of the blood was infused. Immediately after that I was wheeled (they wouldn't let me walk) to have the ultrasound done and the technician was such a wonderful person to have doing that procedure. She was JUST the right person to have doing this job. And the machine... WOW! I saw my spleen, liver and kidneys in such cool colors and I could hear my heart beat just like when the kids were inside Sarah... like a little choo-choo train chugging along. So that is my highpoint story, it transported me away to a better time when all the world was right. So I want to thank you for your help. Sometimes it's hard for me to see the truth of a thing until it is right in front of me or I can experience it myself. I can now see that it's true and I thank you for sharing it with me. It was a bit of a rough ride home last night but I slept like a baby for ten hours! And I have had no pain to speak of since. I am simply gob-smacked! This is truly incredible! Thanks again,"
~ Tracy L. - Patterson, CA

"Hi Patricia!
Yes, I've made it over a month now..... Ed paid me $100.00! Ha!
Thank you, thank you, thank U a million times."
~Kathy - Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia,
Just wanted to drop a note and let you know I'm still doing well. I'm a non-smoker and I feel great! At this point, I'm not sure if l'll need that 4th session as I'm confident my smoking days are behind me, but I'll be sure to contact you if I have any concerns and need a booster. I hope all is well in your world, and thanks again for your help.
I imagine we'll speak in the future when I'm ready for other assistance via hypnosis.

~ A. P. - San Francisco, CA

"Hi Patricia,
Thank you very much for my hypnotherapy it's really helped me a lot. Previously I had tried a variety of ways to quit smoking and none of them worked. Then I went to Patricia for hypnotherapy. She was very professional, she spent a great deal time tailoring the program to my specific needs. I was recently faced with a stressful situation where I would normally grab a cigarette instead I used the breathing techniques that Patricia taught me. Overall I found the experience very enjoyable and have recommended Patricia to a number of my friends. Thank you again so much for helping me, now Nathan won't grow up with a dad that smokes."
~Devin Garcia - Milpitas, CA

"Dear Patrica,
I want to thank you for your work with my 10 year old son for his severe eczema. I am happy to report his skin is perfect. He is sleeping better, playing sports better and focusing in school. The tools you have given him have not only served him well for his skin but will also help him in life. Thank you for taking on your first 'child' client you worked wonders in a short period of time.
Warmest Regards,
~ Carolyn - Alameda, CA

(update approximately 16 months later...)
"Hi Patricia,
I hope all is well with you. *My son* mentioned you the other day so I figured I would send off a quick note to say hello and give you a family update. So first things first… *My son* is doing wonderfully, his skin has continued to look very healthy and feel good. He sleeps much better at night. He still uses many of the techniques you taught him. *My daughter* is also doing very well, she just missed a 3.0 last semester in school. She finally gets the importance of school and is doing what is necessary to succeed. She is in a good relationship with a guy who treats her well and she is very happy. I am also doing pretty well. I am getting much better sleep since *My son* is doing better which has been great.

I haven’t broached the subject yet with our middle son, but I may like to have you work with him. He is 14 now and has been experiencing some ‘teenage angst’ … ie: girl issues, school issues etc. He has struggled in school like *his sister* and could use some work on test taking anxiety, focus and prioritization. He also is a fantastic athlete, so providing him with some tools for excelling athletically would be great too. I will talk with him this weekend and give you a call if he is interested.

Warmest Regards,"
~ Carolyn - Alameda, CA
(note: words enclosed in asterisks replace the children's actual names)

"My experience with Patricia was truly life changing! She really takes the time to get to know you as a person and then directs her talents toward helping you. She puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and that makes all the difference. If you are seriously looking for a hypnotherapist for whatever reason, you will be doing yourself a favor by choosing Patricia Sorbye!"
~ Jim D. - Oakland, CA

"Dear Patricia,
I want to thank you for your invaluable help dealing with the onset of Parkinson's Syndrome. Your guided meditations helped me to stave off the need for the medications for a couple of years. I found our sessions helped not only with my attitude towards my body's "betrayal" but gave me pure relief from the full body tension that comes with a misfiring nervous system.

Now, as I prepare to have the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, you have written and recorded a meditation to bolster my courage, patience, and endurance to help me move through the procedure with grace and humor. I have found your guided meditations to be most helpful and edifying.
Thank you.
~ Michael Gerell - Wilseyville, CA

"I'm a doctor, so I did some research on hypnotherapy in medical journals before I signed on with Patricia. Imagine how surprised I was to be cured of my lifelong habit of chewing at the sides of my cheeks on the first visit. The next two appointments were pleasant and reinforcing, encouraging me to keep with my goal to kick the habit. So far it's been a month, and I haven't relapsed once. Truly amazing. I am recommending Patricia to anyone who will listen.
Thanks again, Patricia.
~ A. Salter, MD - Oakland, CA

"I truly enjoyed my sessions with Patricia Reynolds Sorbye, CHT. I especially appreciated the collegial feeling of working on my various issues together as a team. Patricia meticulously prepared for each session and had materials and ideas for me to take away and practice. She never hurried or rushed our time together, and while it was focused and productive, it was still relaxed and leisurely paced as if she had nowhere she would rather be and nothing but time for me. I now have a personalized "kit" of techniques to employ to continue my overall process of healing.
Thanks Patricia"

~ Judi Yeager - Oakland, CA

"Dear Patricia,
I would like to thank you again for seeing me last Friday and also would like to share the difference our session has already made in my life. I left your office feeling refreshed, happy and full of energy. I did not expect to feel a change so quickly. I am in better spirit and I look at any situation I am in from a positive angle. I think in terms of possibilities. I have also taken off the word "try" from my vocabulary, as I caught myself lately refraining from using it.

I went back to the gym. I still go to sleep after 12 am, but I have decided as of tonight to go to sleep around 11 pm (since I like getting up early).

Master Yoda is always in my planner. I take him out and put him on a desk wherever I am when I study (right now I am in a coffee shop preparing for my chemistry test Tuesday, and when I turn my head I see, "Do, or do not. There is no try.")

This morning I had trouble starting my day, but as soon as I tackled on the tasks I have assigned myself, the tiredness went away.

So, thank you again. I am looking forward our next session. You have a generous spirit and for that I am also grateful. I hope that all the good you do comes back to you amplified.
Best regards,
~ Nathalie M. - Palo Alto, CA

"I thoroughly respect the method and style of Patricia Reynolds' hypnotherapy. Her careful attention to detail, sensitivity to personal issues and nonjudgemental perceptions have provided me the care I needed to move forward in my life in a healthy manner."
~ Raquel Arcia - Hayward, CA

"Intelligent, insightful, sensitive and direct. I knew the right choice had been made when I experienced immediate results with Patricia. I reclaimed my freedom and found new direction for my life."
~ Derek P. - San Francisco, CA

"First I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the past month. What you have given me is a new chance at life. I may have always had it, but you have been the first person to open my eyes to the possibilities.

When I first read your information on your web site, I have to admit I was a little hesitant, but a friend had suggested a hypnotist for helping to lose weight. So I figured I've tried everything else, and wasn't convinced of surgery being a way for me. So I called you, and I was never so relaxed and reassured with just talking to you on the phone.

I knew nothing about hypnosis, so i guess that may have helped me, because I had no preconceived notions of what might happen. My first session was wonderful, and relaxing. As I have proceeded thru the weeks, now, I have learned what has worked and what hasn't, (which isn't really much) everything is working.

Things such as drinking more water, and eating smaller portions, moving more and taking care of me has become like second nature to me. Which it wasn't before.

As for telling others about you I have and will continue to tell people. You have a fantastic calming way. Like you have said before the subconscious is a big computer that just needs adjustments, and mine needed lots of adjustments.

Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. I am looking forward to our continued sessions.
Sincerely grateful,
~ Sharon Cropper - Oakland, CA

Hi Patricia,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you again (and again, and again) it's been 3 years this month since I stopped smoking.
Keep on doing what you are doing :)

~ Karen Clendenin - Baltimore, MD

"I can't recommend hypnosis highly enough. The self hypnosis techniques have been extremely useful. Learning how to calm my nerves, realign myself and re-energize myself through techniques learned from Patricia has been a great tool for everyday living. I begin each day with a self hypnosis excercise and it gets me off to a great start! I have also responded well to the emotional clearing aspects of the exercise and a lot of my fears that induced stress have subsided greatly over the past few months. I highly recommend Patricia for her thoughtful and caring demeanor."
~ Kelly - Alameda, CA

"Patricia takes her work seriously and is truly gifted. She invests her whole self in helping you to make the shift you need. She has all sorts of certifications and is constantly challenging herself to expand her abilities and practice. Recently she even assisted a birth using hypnobirthing techniques which are amazing...

The 4 step process was profound and permanent for me. In addition, not only did I make the shift I was looking for, but I realized so much more about myself than I even bargained for too. I feel like I am on a new path of discovery and it feels much better than where I was!

Through just 4 sessions, I was able to let go of many behaviors which were not serving me and have started treating myself much better.

I am not done! I would like to take this journey even further to see what else I can create!

I can not recommend Patricia more...enjoy!"
~ Rebecca M. - San Francisco, CA

"Hi Patricia,
I hope you are doing well and your new year is off to a good start. I had to email you because it's been exactly one year today that I've been a non-smoker. And well, it wouldn't have been possible without you, so thank you very much! I still have my three little red square's of paper that you gave me hanging next to my desk and they still make me smile every time I look at them. It's hard to express through words in an email - but I am really so very grateful.
Thank you!!!!!"
~ Roger
Haas - Oakland, CA

I hope this note finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for your help in quitting smoking. I can barely believe it's been an entire year since my last cigarette! I can never express how much your help has helped me accomplish my goal of quitting!! I feel so lucky to say that I am a nonsmoker. Thanks for all your help!

~ Karen Clendenen - Burlingame, CA

"Hypnotherapy changed my life. Before starting sessions with Patricia, I hadn't slept well in nearly 25 years. My sleeping troubles started when I was a little kid and had not improved. Sleep anxiety and exhaustion were an integral part of my life that I thought I had to live with and felt that I had to because sleeping pills had an opposite effect on my system and diet/exercise/supplements could not overcome the deep stress (distress) in my mind. As one can well imagine, this took a huge toll on my personal relationships and made traveling nearly impossible. After 3 sessions, I am very, very happy to say that I am able to sleep soundly anywhere I need to and I can travel without problem. Hallelujah!

This was my first experience with hypnosis/hypnotherapy and I would highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of stress, difficulty, problem or obstacle to overcome. It is safe, affordable and one of the best gifts to give yourself (or anyone you love.)

Thank you, Patricia, for illuminating the road to healing and doing it with such grace. This work has changed my life."
~ Janna H. - Alameda, CA

Going on 3 years, thanks to you. I can't imagine how my life would be now, if I never quit.
All the best"

~ Carolyn - Marin County, CA

"I would recommend hypnotherapy with Patricia to anyone. I was not sure hypnotherapy would work for me, but I desperately wanted to have a natural childbirth for my first child and had heard wonderful things about hypnobirthing. Patricia helped me relax and view my upcoming labor as a thing of excitement, beauty and happiness (not the "painful" event our society would have us believe it to be). My son was born after 8 hours of natural labor. In addition, my recovery was easy and my son is the most serene, relaxed, happy baby you will ever meet. I truly believe hypnotherapy with Patricia not only helped me to have the pregnancy and labor I wanted, but helped shape my son's future by giving him a calm entrance into the world. 5 star service!"
~ Kelly Crocker - ~ Oakland, CA

"Hi Patricia,
It has been about 11 months since I last saw you and I want to say that is for a good reason...I have been cigarette free from 11 months and 14 days...yay! Thank you again for all your support and help!
~ C.J. - San Francisco, CA

"Hi Patricia,
I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me to quit smoking. Its been over 2 months and I feel great. I've been around smokers and feel absolutely nothing and its awesome. I've been telling everyone about you and the great work you do, thanks again!
~ Karen Clendenin - San Francisco, CA

"The fear of flying thing evolved and took a bit of time. Quite frankly, at first I thought it really just wasn't working and it felt like I was just repressing and thus *acting* calm when I really was panicking inside. But the strangest thing has happened since then. I've gone from pretending not to be afraid to really not being afraid. I just got back from Maui three days ago and it was just as easy as pie. None of that old feeling. I used to sit on the plane in this adrenaline rush state for as long as I was there...1 hour to san Diego or 6 hours to New York. And I was physically and mentally exhausted when I got there. But now, it's not what I would call fun (after all, you are cramped up in an airless tank for four hours), but its not bad either. It was bumpy both ways to and from Maui nearly the whole way, and it didnt' bother me in the slightest. So thank you. and thank you again.

And since that worked, I may as well give problem #2 a shot...."

~ Sue B. - Oakland, CA

(p.s. this just in from Sue:
"You can also add that problem #2 is better as well. ")

"Thought I'd send you an email to check in. I had wanted to send one earlier, but life has been extremely hectic from the moment of our last session (the one on the phone). I feel completely confident about being a non smoker. This is truly amazing to me. So thank you so much for your help!!! The funny thing is: so many stressful things are going on yet my first instinct is not reaching for a cigarette! Reaching for a smoke in stressful times has been my normal MO for 20 plus years! Amazing. Again, thank you for your help!

Thanks again Patricia - I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for helping me with quitting smoking!"
~ Roger Haas - Oakland, CA

"I don't know what possessed me to add hypnotherapy to my efforts to bring my body into balance. I guess I am a curious skeptic. Once I met Patricia Sorbye and started to work with her, I saw in hindsight that my intuition had served me well.
I am not quick to trust people. Patricia's warmth and compassion, her sincere desire to help me meet my goals, put me completely at ease. Reserved as I am, her ability to take me deeply into the hypnotic state amazed me. There is nothing more restful than letting my very active brain pause for a while, and Patricia is a wonderful guide. She makes me comfortable at every stage of the process.
In three sessions she has given me plenty of tools that I can sense working inside. Patricia has brought me hope that this time I can succeed in changing my life permanently. She is professional and gentle, knowledgeable and open. Having a hypnotherapy session with her is a remarkable experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to try hypnosis for any reason!"
~ Patricia M. - Alameda, CA

"Patricia brings a heartfelt blend of practical wisdom and deep compassion to her work. It is obvious to me that hypnotherapy is her life's passion."
~ Kim Arlett - Oakland CA

"Patricia is fantastic! She worked with me to develop a weight management plan, just for me. Through hypnosis, she gave me the tools to make eating something I do simply to satisfy my physical hunger! Her encouraging nature and positive attitude have helped me attain my goals!"
~ Samantha Parsons - Milpitas, CA

"Patricia has an incredible way of connecting with her clients. As a fairly conservative person, I was skeptical of the whole concept of hypnotherapy, and was not sure anyone would be able to help me quit smoking. How wrong I was! After our first session, I was 100% comfortable with Patricia and felt like I could tell her anything. She listened to my fears of quitting smoking and turned a negative into an incredible positive. I smoked for 14 years and had tried to quit more than once without success. With hypnotherapy, Patricia was able to reach me and my subconscious and completely turned me into a non-smoker. With Patricia's help, I do not even feel urges to light up, regardless of where I am or who I am around. I am a non-smoker now and forever! As much as I tell her, she will never know how grateful I am to her for helping me kick this disgusting habit and I will forever appreciate her for that."
~ Chris, Ex-Smoker - San Francisco, CA

"My experience with Patricia has been amazing. She's got such a gentle and comforting manner, and she is so easy to talk to. I'm finding Hypnotherapy a wonderful tool to go in and sort out the bundles of memories\thoughts\feelings that can get in my way or hurt me. It's an amazing experience to take a peek underneath my surface thoughts and see how my mind is really working. Patricia makes it easy, and makes it feel safe and comfortable to do whatever I need to do. Not once have the sessions felt intrusive or forced, just gentle and relaxed and comforting, even if the topics were difficult."
~ Liz - Maryland